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 'Ōhi'a Farms overlooks the beautiful Waimea Bay

The ahupua'a (land division) of Waimea  was one of the major political and religious centers on O'ahu in the 1700s. The valley offered fertile agricultural lands, abundant freshwater, rich offshore marine resources, great surfing, and canoe landing sites. Because of these reasons, the ali'i (chiefs) chose to settle at Wamea for a portion of the year.

Puu o Mahuka Heiau was built on the bluff overlooking Waimea Valley. This site offers commanding views all the way to Kaena point.

In 1792, Captian George Vancouver anchored his ship off Waimea. His crew had a skirmish with the Hawaiians and 3 of Vancouver's men were killed and some suggest they were sacrificed at the Heaiau.

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